5 Elements Connection Ceremony

5 Elements Connection Ceremony

bigioadm bigioadm September 7, 2022 Activities

Getting in touch with Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether is an experience that allows you to enter into a deep state of meditation and relaxation.

We designed this unique experience for you, where we will start this journey through the 5 elements, getting in touch with fire through the cleansing of your energetic field using Palo Santo, White Sage or Copal. Then we will get in touch with the Air through conscious breathing that will allow you to inhabit the present and connect with the purpose of your heart. Earth will be represented by snuff, an ancestral Amazonian medicine based on tobacco that will clear your mind and center you. Water will be represented by Cacao which is considered an ancient medicine to open the heart and Ether will be experienced through a meditation where you will get in touch with your deepest essence. 

With this ceremony you will enjoy the deep joy of taking some quality time for yourself.

Duration approx. 3 hours.