Fire Ceremony

bigioadm bigioadm September 19, 2023 Activities

Join us for a truly transformative experience in our Fire Ceremony, where fire, both symbolically and physically, awakens the power of transformation, elimination, and creation. Gazing directly into the flames has a mesmerizing effect, enveloping you and providing warmth and light amidst the darkness. Additionally, fire plays a fundamental role in rituals ranging from food preparation to healing practices, bringing communities together in its radiant glow.

Our fire ceremonies are accompanied by music, healing songs, and mantras that invoke the blessings of our ancestors and the enlightenment of great masters. This serves as a reminder that we are not individual beings but intricately interconnected with one another. It’s a celebration that strengthens family and community bonds.

In addition to sharing circles of words and live music, we will engage in psycho-magical and symbolic acts to release and heal deep within your being. Join us in this unique experience that will help you connect with your roots and heal from the inside out. We eagerly await your presence to celebrate the magic of fire and human connection!

Duration: 1.5 hours