Reading of the Nine Totemic or Power Animals

bigioadm bigioadm September 19, 2023 Activities

Step into the captivating world of Dakota Native tradition, where you will discover that each human being carries within them nine totemic animals, embodying the powers that guide their journey on Earth. These special beings bestow the faculties needed to fulfill the soul’s chosen path, unlocking their essential dreams. Each of these animals, representing humanity’s natural and essential instincts, awakens unique talents, bestows special gifts, and challenges us with singular trials. In many ways, this system is akin to a birth chart, inviting you to explore your deepest nature. Are you ready to uncover your nine totemic animals and unravel the secrets of your life’s journey?


~ You will discover your 9 Totemic Animals or Personality Archetypes.
~ You will understand the energies that accompany you in every aspect of life.
~ You will gain insight into aspects of the unconscious mind.
~ You will unveil your gifts and talents, as well as your challenges in this world.
~ Operating akin to a Birth Chart, it offers the same benefits of understanding the Self we inhabit.

Duration: 1.5 hours