Ayurveda & Health Coaching Session

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Ayurveda & Health Coaching Session

This personal session is your space to discuss your concerns. The approach of the session is through a holistic perspective, where you’ll familiarize yourself with and understand the inseparable connection between what we eat and our daily routines, with our energy levels, thoughts, and emotions. It’s a 100% personalized experience.

We will address topics of nutrition, daily routines, and inner connection habits (breathing, yoga, and meditation) as pillars for living in harmony. It’s an opportunity to learn about your Unique and Individual constitution (Dosha) from the perspective of Ayurveda (the ancient medicine of India). No two people are alike. Consequently, personal needs are unique on a physical, mental, and emotional level. This implies that we shouldn’t follow standardized diets or routines. What works for one person may have the opposite effect on another.

Once you get to know yourself, you’ll be able to make the best decisions according to your needs every day.

What’s involved?

A 1.5-hour in-person meeting.

Prior to the session, you’ll receive an email with a form/test to complete and send 24 hours before the meeting with the specialist.

During the session, you and she will take the time to discuss your current habits, your diet, your relationship with the kitchen and physical activity, as well as spiritual practices or therapies. A key point is to understand the reasons behind your search and what you believe is blocking or affecting your well-being.

What will you receive?

At the end of the session, you will receive:

  • A food guide tailored to your needs, including recommended food groups, flavors, and spices.
  • A basic spices guide to incorporate into your cooking.

What will you learn?

You’ll Learn About Yourself!

All the tools I share involve an approach and/or technique that will serve you today and every day of your life.

This meeting and the guides you will receive are guidance to help you start observing yourself and learn to listen to your body, your emotions, and your needs.

It’s an invitation to begin connecting with your inner wisdom and intuition.