Sound Healing

bigioadm bigioadm October 25, 2023 Activities

Can you feel the inner call, urging you to explore and unearth your hidden treasures, to unveil and live your true self?

Do you want to discover the beauty of your existence?

Together we will open the doors to immerse your inner self in a fulfilled and loving life of:




Is your heart calling for more peace, calm, joy, balance and harmony in your life?

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the enriching power of sound?

Magical sound journey featuring:


-Crystal Singing Bowls 




-Deeply relaxes 

-Restores health 

-Builds self-confidence 

-Aids in better sleep and dreaming 

-Improve well-being, calmness, inner peace and clarity 

-Enhances focus and concentration 

This sound therapy will foster a sense of holistic balance within you by inviting you to connect with the present, release emotions and thoughts, create harmony and serenity, and enhance the meditative state by balancing and nurturing the brain, body, heart, chakras, and meridians.

Embrace this immersive experience!

*50% of the therapy fee must be paid at least 1 day in advance.