Our Story

My wife is a yoga instructor, and I’m an entrepreneur. Selva Minca is our dream come true: it was born with the purpose of sharing our love and passion for this unique land in the heart of the jungle, where we brought our children since they were little.

We wanted to conserve and regenerate this little piece of paradise by ensuring the habitat of hundreds of species of flora and fauna. So, thanks to the help of an experienced architect friend -Mauricio-, a passionate biologist -Katrin- and dozens of volunteers interested in sustainability, we undertook in 2019 this exciting project… Along the way we learned about bamboo architecture (guadua), conscious food, organic and local products, ancestral rituals, alternative therapies and many other practices and knowledge that today are part of our philosophy of life; which we want to share with our visitors so that their stay with us result in inspiring experiences towards a more sustainable
and a conscious lifestyle with nature.



Selva Minca is a natural reserve with a majestic river, old-growth forest and flourishing biodiversity. With your support, we are regenerating the flora and fauna that was previously clear-cut from a cattle ranch. We have sustainably constructed seven lodges where you can enjoy modern comforts while immersed in a serene natural environment.