How to Find Us

Getting to Minca is easy and inexpensive, both from the Santa Marta airport and from the central bus station. If you prefer, we can arrange for a trustworthy driver to pick you up at the airport and drive you to SelvaMinca for $25 USD or $90,000 Colombian Pesos.


Upon reaching the town of Minca, cross the bridge and continue straight in the direction of Pozo Azul for 1.4 km (4 minutes by car). You will find an entry way on the left with the name ‘Siembra’, turn left here and continue along the road on the right. Follow the road down until you get to our gate with the name ‘SelvaMinca’ and you have arrived!



If you arrive by land, take a taxi directly to our place. We are only 1.4 km. pass the town of Minca.

If you take the cheaper alternative (bus) from Santa Marta (we don’t recommend this option) it will take a lot longer and you’ll need to take a moto-taxi (5 min.) or walk to the hotel (15 min.) from Minca town, up the paved road towards Pozo azul, and just before look for the SIEMBRA sign on the left side of the road.



If you land at Simon Bolivar airport take a 45/50 minute Taxi ride directly to the hotel (90.000 COP)

The road is paved and will take you to our main parking lot. We can gladly suggest or arrange transportation if you let us know in advance, it’s always a more reliable and safer alternative.

In WAZE or Google maps follow directions to Selva Minca.



If even after strong advice against this crazy idea, you’ve decided to rent a car and drive in Colombia anyway, here is how you get from CTG to SMR.

First, know this is the airport code of the three cities, and how we will call them for short.


CTG: Cartagena

BAQ: Barranquilla

SMR: Santa Marta



CTG to BAQ 1:30 min to 1:45

25 minutes through BAQ

Then BAQ to SMR from the Puente Pumarejo to the city of SMR 1:30

Total time without stops: 4:30 hours.

If your coming from CTG you must go through BAQ before you get on road 90 to SMR, there is really just one road: 90A (but it’s simple called “carretera a BAQ”) but before entering BAQ if you have time grab a bite, because besides Shakira and the Carnival BAQ is famous for great Middle Eastern food, and here our picks:

No1: Arabe Gourmet

No2: Beyrouth Restaurante

No3: Medio Oriente



Cocina M

Weather you’ve decided to stop for lunch or move on, set your WAZE to

“Caiman del Río” or “Malecón del Río”.

This new area is worth visiting even just from the car, it’s a new road that borders the Rio Magdalena and it’s also a shortcut to the “Puente Laureano Gómez” also called “Puente Pumarejo” which will take you out of BAQ and on your way to SMR!

WORD OF CAUTION: Be aware that 1 km before getting to the new bridge you’ll go through a tough neighborhood on your right, don’t slow down and do not stop under any circumstances!

Once you reach the toll booth all is well, climb the bridge sticking to the right side otherwise you’ll end up back in BAQ!

Once on the bridge again there is only one road to Santa Marta.

WORD OF CAUTION: This is a nice road bordering the sea but it’s tight and has many trucks unlike the CTG to BAQ road, so be very careful when passing and be aware of the MOTORCYCLES daredevils that will try pass you ON THE RIGHT!!

Also be aware that after the second toll booth you’ll be driving literally though “downtown” infamous TASAJERA ( Do NOT stop for any reason in these section of the road) and further up CIÉNAGA, it gets crazy here (a thousand motorcyclists, pedestrian and rickshaws coming from every corner!!)

After you’ve survived CIENEGA at the “y” bare left towards SMR, and stay on that road (that would eventually take you to la Guajira) until you reach a gas station just pass the MAMATOCO round point, there take the road to your right up to Minca. Once on the road to SMR if you set “Selva Minca” on WAZE  or Google Maps you’ll end up on our property!



In Cartagena go to the bus station of either one of these Two companies:


1-BERLINASTUR: These company has 2 locations, choose the more convenient for you:


A) Terminal de transportes: Carrera 95 No. 54-153 La Cordialidad Módulo 1 Taq. 85 Contacto: 318 735 0592

Times: Sunday to sunday 4:30 am to 8:00 pm


B) Marbella:

Calle 46C No. 3-80

Phone: 318 735 0592

Times: Sunday to sunday 4:30 am To 8:00 pm

Phone: 318 724 2424




Cra 2A #No 43

WhatsApp: 57 319 7601810


Ask for the option that goes non stop Cartagena to Santa Marta. Because there’s one that stops one hour in Barranquilla.


Then we can arrange a reliable taxi driver to pick you up at the bus station in Santa Marta and get you direct to Selva Minca. It cost us 25 or 90.000 Colombian pesos.