Emotional Biohealing Therapy

bigioadm bigioadm September 19, 2023 Activities

Thoughts, beliefs, and emotions directly influence the physical, mental, and spiritual health of a human being.

Emotional Bio-Healing is a comprehensive therapy that utilizes tools from Bio-Neuroemotion, also known as Bio-Decoding, Psychomagic, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Conscious Hypnosis, among other things. It is a therapy that helps manage emotions and their impact on overall health and aims to understand how to transform disharmonies at all levels into lessons and messages from the unconscious mind, for the purpose of redefining, transforming, and healing, recognizing the inseparable relationship between body, mind, and spirit.

It is a humanistic approach centered on achieving a deep understanding of how we perceive the world, with the aim of improving our reality. It is based on scientific, philosophical, and humanistic disciplines that study the psyche and its relationship with the physical and energetic body.
Its main objective is to find and understand the root of the problem. The main focus of the work is on changing perception and understanding the information embedded in our culture and our personal history (contemporary life), family (transgenerational), and childhood (sense of purpose), with the goal of making changes in unconscious memories and thus creating a new and more positive reality. By transforming symptoms, illnesses, and situations into triggers for profound self-awareness and transformation.

The ultimate goal of this well-being practice is to reprogram negative patterns and memories in the unconscious mind, in order to transmute them and thus heal the physical body and all aspects surrounding the human being, facilitating better emotional management and, consequently, physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

~ Promotes personal well-being through a deep understanding of the origin of emotional conflicts.
~ Enables us to comprehend the relationship between our conflicts and the physical symptoms and ailments in our body.
~ Assists in releasing memories and patterns from our lineage.
~ Helps alleviate symptoms caused by unconscious conflicts and changes in the body, whether they are hormonal, neurological, or structural.

Duration: 1.5 hours.