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Are you seeking a retreat or private vacation that revitalizes the mind, body, and spirit, while immersing you in culture and adventure? SelvaMinca in Colombia is the ideal destination for you. Our eco-friendly resort is designed to reconnect you with Mother Nature, offering relaxation and exciting outdoor activities.
Reserve the entire property exclusively for your group, retreat, or special event. Our resort provides a perfect blend of leisure and nature. Enjoy yoga sessions in our grate sacred bamboo construction, surrounded by a live forest full of life near a pristine river from the perpetual snows from the sierra Nevada., experiencing the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains backdrop and incredible sunsets.
At SelvaMinca, indulge in daily yoga sessions and choose from adventurous jungle treks or peaceful siestas in hammocks with captivating books. Our central location allows easy access to a variety of cultural and adventurous activities within the resort and nearby. We are 45 minutes from international Santa
Marta airport.

As the day ends, gather in the 360 view deck, gazing at the moon, the Milky Way, and shooting stars. Rest comfortably in our Eco bamboo towers and tree houses embracing nature without distractions.
SelvaMinca welcomes diverse retreats, including yoga, pilates, ayurvedic healing, cleansing, detox, and cooking. Our resort can also be exclusively reserved for family or group vacations, offering privacy and a personalized experience.
Collaborate with our kitchen to design a menu that fits your retreat’s style and satisfies your clients’ palates. We prioritize locally sourced ingredients, ensuring healthy and nourishing meals.
SelvaMinca offers local tours and adventures, such as waterfall hikes, river floats, jungle treks, visits to indigenous villages, and soothing spa services. Whether seeking thrills or tranquility, our resort caters to all.

Please note that our retreats and group packages are limited to groups of 34 people or fewer. Contact us now to organize an exciting retreat or group vacation for yourself and your clients.
Discover the magic of Selva Minca and experience the serenity of SelvaMinca Resort. Let us host your unforgettable yoga retreat, blending nature contact with the forest, adventure, cultural immersion, and rejuvenation.